Welcome to China: Inviting Latin America Participants for 2050 Yunqi Summit by Alibaba in Collaboration with Impact Hub Shanghai.
We’re proud to have Myrlène Mathurin representing Impact Hub Port-au-Prince in this Years’ Inaugural 2050 conference in China as one of the 20,000 youth selected to be a part of this monumental event.
2050 is a non-profit event launched by volunteers and Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Innovation Foundation. It is hosted in Yunqi Cloud Town, Hangzhou, China every year in May. It aims to bring the world’s youth together for science and technology.
2050 will support more than 100 reunions of youth groups, offer over 100 Next Gen Forum sessions organized by our volunteer producers from diverse backgrounds, and present 100 eye-catching booths in the “Explorer Space” by the most creative young people. In the meanwhile, 2050 will provide multi-language service including Chinese, English, French, Germany, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic.
The inaugural 2050 will be held on May 25-27, 2018, with an expected participation from 20,000 young attendees, including 5,000 from overseas. At 2050, young people around the world can reunite with old friends, make new ones and unleash the power of the young generation to change the world.

Who is Myrlene Mathurin ?

My name is Myrlene Mathurin, law school senior, born in modest Haitian family. Taking into account the economic situation of my family and the social class to which I belong, I realized the one thing that could help reach the summit was ” Education ”. It’s in this frame of mind that I have given myself to be the first of my family to obtain a higher degree. I am currently the communication officer for Impact Ayiti and Generation Hope builders, two organizations that are fighting poverty through education and entrepreneurship. Proud member of the Young International Chamber Jacmel (JCI), I have been a volunteer of the Haitian Red Cross since the terrible earthquake in 2010.
I believe a better tomorrow is reserved for the women who dream, believe and who still struggle. Besides my to law studies, I am a tech aficionado and a lead organizer of ”Elle-O-Digital ” which aims to help young Haitian women gain influence through the use of technology.

Why Technology? Being a woman does not mean we are limited. We aim to break the stereotypes that women lack the intelligence to be influential in tech. As a leader in my community and my neighborhood I am the perfect candidate for such opportunity.

Why are you excited about participating in the 2050 Conference
I am excited to take part in the 2050 Migrant Bird Program to carry out “Elle-O-Digital”, a project which aims to promote the influence of women in technology. It will be a privilege to meet other young people and grow my professional network for the benefit of other young women in my country, Haiti; where women are rarely at the helm of business nor technology. Women are rarely at the top of the ladder in areas including science, technology, and space and I want that to stop.

As far as women who have been struggling for gender equity are concerned, I want to be their inspiration. I will use the lessons learned to promote the use of tech in remote areas, use tech to inspire people who are discouraged and help solve some of my community’s greatest challenges by developing scalable tech solutions. Finally, I am confident my participation will serve as motivation to give me the strength to advocate for the democratization of tech in my country.



Let science and technology also attract young people like sports and music. This is the 2050 vision.

Come to 2050 to run, shoot, shoot, sing, camp, meet young people like you who are full of ideals and curiosity, and play with them and mess with things together.

Love, create something together, and together become future co-builders!

Time and again, Vienna ranks as the city with the highest standard of living. Yet, how does it hold up when it comes to sustainability? According to the World Economic Forum, we might not be the alpha of the pack, but still going pretty strong, coming fourth. Why? Of course, sustainable city policies play a huge part but what really shakes things up is the vibrancy of the Vienna start-up scene.

Whether you are a tree-hugger or more of a pragmatic spirit, to most of us it’s clear that taking better care of our planet would essentially be a good thing. If it only weren’t so damn difficult without the right infrastructure and incentives.

Fear not, because this is where sustainable entrepreneurs and their start-ups come in to save the day: new shops and projects keep popping up like mushrooms, which makes it increasingly easy for the environmentally-minded to turn their principles into practice.

In this post, I will take you through Vienna’s inner districts, showing you that so much of what your green heart desires is already here. And rest assured – this is only the beginning!

First district – Innere Stadt

The first district synonymous with luxury, posh clothes and shoes. Fancy bars and restaurants. Yet, luxury doesn’t need to be a one-way street. With the growing number of sustainable restaurants, why not treat yourself while simultaneously indulging the earth for a change? Eating more plant-based is a delicious way to help save the planet. After all, animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of pollution and global warming. What better way to stand up for Mother Earth than relishing in the delicacies served at the many vegetarian or vegan restaurants of the first district?

Yamm is exactly as yummy as it sounds. Many think it is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in town – I can certainly not argue with that. Whether for breakfast, lunch, coffee or after.